Geometric Shapes Quantum Cards

₹ 740


  • Quantum Cards Hand-painted images
  • Encyclopaedic facts Large and attractive
  • Portable educational gift
  • In the box: Pack of 10
  • County of Origin: India

Description ::

Math is a part of a child's daily routine and they see objects of different geometric shapes all the time. Geometry helps children think both creatively and logically. Teach your little one the basic concepts of Geometric Shapes using this set of Quantum Cards. Build eagerness and interest in the subject most kids love to hate. The Geometric Shapes set has the following ten Encyclopaedic Cards: Rectangle, CircleCrescent, Ellipse, Oval, Semi-Circle, Trapezoid, Kite, Parallelogram, Rhombus Each card has a hand-painted illustration on the front and encyclopaedic facts about it on the back.
Care Information
Wipe with a dry cloth. Store in the sleeve.

Type – Toys

Includes - Pack of 10