₹ 2,300


  • 1 pc of Door Pinch Guard Hand Shaped - prevents finger from getting pinched in between the doors. Also, does not allow a kid to get locked in a room.
  • 8 pcs of Safety Corner Guards - cushions sharp corners (turns) of a furniture and save guards from cut and bumps
  • 2 rolls of Safety Edge Guards - cushions sharp edges (length and breadth) of a furniture and save guards from cut and bumps
  • 4 pcs of Multi Utility Latch - helps in locking cabinets, drawers or appliances so that the kid cannot lay hands on unwanted/ dangerous things like battery, medicine, disinfectants, etc.
  • 2 sets of Electric Socket Covers - Covers the open electric sockets tightly, hence saving them for poking little fingers inside the open sockets.
  • Country of Origin: China


Description ::

Risk of Injury - Pinching of fingers between the doors, cuts and bumps from sharp furniture, open electrical points, easily accessible cabinets and drawers.
BabyPro Safety Essentials Kit has been designed to keep a standard Indian home in mind and is usually sufficient for a room. The box is too cute to ignore and makes a perfect gift for new parents. The box itself can be used as a Keepsake box to keep small little things of baby!

Care Information
Simply wipe with a wet cloth while using day to day.
Safety Warning
It is not a toy. Do not encourage child to play with it

Made of - ABS

Includes - 8 pcs of pre taped corner guards, 4 pieces of cabinet locks, 2 sets of electric socket covers, 2 rolls of safety edge guards and 1 door stopper