Teethers - Cheese & Ice cream Stick

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Key Features ::

  • Babies like to grasp, bite and explore objects offered to them, so let them explore as much as they can with our beautiful Neem wood teethers.
  • Offering a Neem wood teether is the best way to satisfy their teething needs and as well boost their immunity.
  • Grasping wood helps the baby develop better motor skills and sensitivity.
  • Ariro has combined the goodness of Neem with agile designing to bring about the finest teethers.
  • It has all the goodness of Neem without its bitterness.  
  • Country of Origin - India

Description ::


Teethers are an essential aid in your child's developmental path. Teething for some children can be painful and biting on hard surfaces can help ease this pain. Neem wood's enzymes, preserved in the trunk,  releases as the child gnaws into it helping boost Immunity and aid Digestion. Neem wood in naturally Anti-bacterial and Anti-fungal making it easy to use and maintain.

A complete developmental Aid

Teethers are more than just chew toys. Children begin exploring their hands around the same time they start teething. A teether with a good grip can server the purpose of a grasping toy.

For your baby to hold on to the teether and coordinate it all the way to their mouth is a task by itself. This activity helps in the development of Hand-eye Coordination.

When your little one reaches out to the teether while on the back or tummy ensure Gross motor development

Wooden teether's innumerable benefits

Wooden teethers are chemical free and natural. Your baby's every move is very important and what they chew on matters a lot. Giving them synthetic substances is harmful to their immune system.

Wooden Teethers have been proven to last longer than any other teethers.

They are sustainable. Taking good care of the environment ensures a safer future for our little ones.

**parental guidance necessary at all time 
Care Information
  1. Clean with a damp Cloth
    Clean the toy regularly with a damp cloth.
  2. Avoid washing with water
    Refrain from soaking wooden toys in water as they may swell or deform.
  3. Keep away from humidity
    To avoid mould, please store wooden toys in a dry place free of humidity. If the toy is exposed to humidity, air it out in a dry place.
  4. Avoid exposure to sunlight
    Do not expose wooden parts to direct sun light as cracks may occur.
  5. Do not apply chemicals
    Do not use ethanol, bleach or other harsh chemical products when cleaning as it may lead to colour fading.

Type - Toys

Age - 3 + months
Material Used - Neem Wood